EN 1990:2023/prA1

Eurocode - Basis of structural and geotechnical design - Part 1: New structures EN 1990:2023/prA1

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40.10 harmonizedStageCodeLabel.40.10   Oct 27, 2023


CEN/TC 250 Structural Eurocodes

European Norm

91.010.30   Technical aspects


(1) This document establishes principles and requirements for the safety, serviceability, robustness and durability of structures, including geotechnical structures, appropriate to the consequences of failure.
(2) This document is also applicable for existing structures
NOTE Additional provisions are given in prEN 1990-2.
(3) This document is intended to be used in conjunction with the other Eurocodes for buildings and civil engineering works, including temporary structures.
(4) This document describes the basis for structural and geotechnical verification according to the limit state principle.
(5) The verification methods in this document are based primarily on the partial factor method.
NOTE 1 Alternative methods are given in the other Eurocodes for specific applications.
NOTE 2 The Annexes to this document also provide general guidance concerning the use of alternative methods.
(6) This document is also applicable for structures where materials or actions outside the scope of EN 1991 (all parts) to EN 1999 (all parts) are involved.
NOTE In this case, additional or amended provisions can be necessary.

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EN 1990:2023


EN 1990:2023/prA1
40.10 harmonizedStageCodeLabel.40.10
Oct 27, 2023