CEN/TS 15503-3-2: "Gas-fired central heating boilers – Part 3-2: Expansion of EN 15502-2-2 to include H2NG-Y20 appliances using a pneumatic gas supply (PGS) control" -

General information

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CEN/TC 109 Central heating boilers using gaseous fuels

Technical Specification


As scope for TS 15502-3-2, the scope of prEN 15502-2-2:2022 applies, with the following modification:

Replace ak) by the following:

ak) appliances that are intended to burn natural gases of the second family where hydrogen is added to the
natural gas, except for non premixed / partial premixed appliances equipped with a PGS (which are
covered by this document)

Life cycle


00.60 Close of review
Jun 22, 2023