EN 14175-9: Fume Cupboards – Part 9: Ducted filtration fume cupboards -

General information

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CEN/TC 332 Laboratory equipment

European Norm


This European standard specifies characteristics concerning the design and performance requirements together with type testing and on-site testing procedures especially for ducted filtration fume cupboards not described in the other parts of EN 14175. Filter systems fitted to ducted filtration fume cupboards can be of a variety of forms dependent to the characteristics of the contaminants to be removed.
This European standard is related to and will refer to other parts of EN 14175 regarding definitions, technologies, testing methodologies, design factors and functional aspects and shall be read in conjunction with these.
The use of radioactive substances is described in detail in prEN 14175-8.
The containment of microbiological contaminations is not foreseen with any fume cupboard, but described in EN 12469.
Recirculatory Filtration Fume Cabinets which return the filtered exhaust air back into the surrounding room are not part of this standard but described in the NWIP prEN 17242.

Life cycle


00.60 Close of review
Mar 2, 2023