EN 17428:2023

Packaging - Determination of the degree of disintegration under simulated home composting conditions EN 17428:2023

Publication date:   Feb 19, 2024

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60.60 Standard published   Dec 20, 2023


CEN/TC 261 Packaging

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13.030.99   Other standards related to wastes | 55.040   Packaging materials and accessories



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This document specifies a laboratory scale test method for determining the degree of disintegration of test items when exposed to well-managed home composting conditions by the weight evaluation method (WE method) using sieving and evaluation by weighing.
The test method is not applicable for the determination of the biodegradability of test items under home composting conditions. Additional testing is necessary for making claims concerning the suitability for home composting. This document is not appropriate for claims relating to the suitability for home composting.
This test method is carried out at laboratory scale under controlled conditions. Therefore, it does not reproduce any real home composting conditions, but it is devised to gain information on the potential of the test item to disintegrate sufficiently. A test item that passes this test is assumed to be capable of undergoing full disintegration in a 12 months home composting cycle carried out under well managed conditions. For features of well-managed home composting see EN 17427:2022, Annex E.

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EN 17428:2023
60.60 Standard published
Dec 20, 2023