Ventilation for Hospitals - Part 2: Ventilation of operating suites. -

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CEN/TC 156 Ventilation for buildings

European Norm


This second part of the standard on ventilation for hospitals is to be applied to all rooms of an operating suite. It includes specific risk areas and covers the aspects of construction and ventilation that provide defined levels of air quality/cleanliness for classification of these areas. The standard will deal with the design, installation, operation and maintenance and the process of qualification/validation of the ventilation systems.

This second part of the standard on ventilation for hospitals is additional and complementary to the minimal general requirements set out in the first part. The scope of this second part describes all additional needed minimum user requirement specification (URS), functional design requirements (FD) and requirements for components in the detailed design (DD) for the air treatment processes that are to be designed, installed, commissioned, operated and maintained at healthcare premises.

In this part of the standard two cleanliness levels are identified to be selected: 1) clean and 2) ultra clean. For each of these levels there is a choice between two concepts on how to reach these levels.
For the test methods to prove compliance with the required performance the main principles will be given only .

However, in an informative section guidance will be given on further aspects of the test.
Other specific rooms, like isolation rooms or sterilization rooms are outside the scope of this part about theoperating suite.

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