EN 17339:2020

Transportable gas cylinders - Fully wrapped carbon composite cylinders and tubes for hydrogen EN 17339:2020

Publication date:   Sep 16, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Jun 24, 2020


CEN/TC 23 Transportable gas cylinders

European Norm

23.020.35   Gas cylinders



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This document specifies minimum requirements for the materials, design, construction, prototype testing and routine manufacturing inspections of composite gas cylinders and tubes for compressed hydrogen.
NOTE 1 Unless specified in the text, for the purposes of this document, the word "cylinder" includes tubes.
This document applies only to fully wrapped composite cylinders with carbon fibres intended to be permanently mounted in a frame (e.g. bundle or trailer) with a test pressure of not less than 300 bar, with:
- non-metallic liners or seamless metallic liners;
- a maximum water capacity of 3 000 l;
- a maximum working pressure of 1 000 bar;
- the product of working pressure times water capacity (p × V) not exceeding 1 000 000 bar.l.
NOTE 2 A glass fibre protective layer is sometimes applied to the external surface of the cylinder.

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EN 17339:2020
60.60 Standard published
Jun 24, 2020


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