EN 352-3:1996

Hearing protectors - Safety requirements and testing - Part 3: Ear-muffs attached to an industrial safety helmet EN 352-3:1996

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Oct 23, 2002


CEN/TC 159 Hearing protectors

European Norm

13.340.20   Head protective equipment


This part of the standard specifies constructional, design and performance requirements, test methods, marking requirements and user information for ear-muffs when fitted to an industrial safety helmet. It calls for information to be made available concerning the sound attenuation characteristics of the ear-muffs measured in accordance with EN 24869-1:1992, and defines a minimum level of attenuation required for compliance with this specification. Because one model of ear-muffs designed to be attached to an industrial safety helmet can be fitted to a number of helmet models and sizes; this part of the standard sets out a series of mechanical and acoustic tests intended to assess performance of the ear-muffs when fitted to the specified model(s) or sizes of helmet. All tests are performed on the ear-muffs fitted to one of the specified models or sizes of helmet (the basic combination), and an abbreviated set of tests is performed on the same model of ear-muffs when fitted to the other specified models or sizes of helmet (the supplementary combinations). An alternative protocol is specified which can be applied when a single model of ear-muffs is submitted for testing in combination with a model of safety helmet supplied in more than one size. For type tests in accordance with this standard, the industrial safety helmets specified by the ear-muffs manufacturer comply with EN 397:1995. Information on the range of industrial safety helmet types tested with the ear-muffs, and for which the combination satisfied this standard, is supposed to be made available. This part of the standard does not deal with the performance of electronic devices which can be incorporated within ear-muffs, or of amplitude sensitive ear-muffs.

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EN 352-3:1996
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Oct 23, 2002


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