CEN/TR 17207:2018

Playground and recreational areas - Framework for the competence of playground inspectors CEN/TR 17207:2018

Publication date:   Aug 14, 2018

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60.60 Standard published   Jul 4, 2018


CEN/TC 136 Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment

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97.200.40   Playgrounds



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This framework forms a guideline for the education, examination and evaluation of the competence of inspectors of public playground environments. For each specific task an inspector may need to perform; this guideline describes the knowledge and experience the inspector needs and also sets out the basic level of knowledge required

The standard EN 1176-1 & 7 details the different types or levels of inspections required to help provide a play environment that is suitable for children to play in.
The different types of inspections demand different levels of knowledge and experience; these are:
 Routine Visual inspection
 Operational inspection
 Annual main inspection
 Post Installation Inspection

As well as these inspections identified in the standard there are also other inspections that are useful in helping to ensure the safe operation of a play environment:
 post-accident investigation

In this guideline there is a broad explanation of what these inspections are and how they should be performed.

This guideline is not intended for certification bodies.

Due to the variety of items that can be encountered in the playground environment this guideline can be used for the following equipment:

Playground equipment EN 1176 part 1 - 11
Skateboard infrastructures EN 14974
Free access Multi Sport equipment EN 15312
Adventure Playgrounds
Outdoor Exercise Equipment DIN79000
Parkour equipment

As well as the equipment mentioned in this guideline other items that are on and around the play environment may need to be assessed depending on their interaction with the play environment where users can access these features for informal play e.g. gates, fences, plants, natural play features, rocks, boulders landscape features, art features, etc.
Because there features are not encompassed within the standard for playground equipment these items will require risk assessment; but knowledge of the meaning and intention of the standard forms a vital part of this risk assessment

This guideline is not intended for:

EN 71 Toys
EN 15567 High Ropes
EN14960 Inflatable Equipment

The inspector’s task is to assess the general level of safety of the play environment and the equipment provided based on the safety level as it was on inauguration of the equipment.
The format of the inspection and the report which will form the outcome of the inspection will be defined between the provider of the inspection and the client (owner/operator)

The owner/operator should be advised to make a detailed specification so that there is a minimal chance of confusion on the content of the task.

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CEN/TR 17207:2018
60.60 Standard published
Jul 4, 2018