CEN ISO/TS 14253-4:2010

Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment - Part 4: Background on functional limits and specification limits in decision rules (ISO/TS 14253-4:2010) CEN ISO/TS 14253-4:2010

Publication date:   Aug 17, 2011

General information

60.60 Standard published   May 15, 2010


CEN/TC 290 Dimensional and geometrical product specification and verification

Technical Specification

17.040.01   Linear and angular measurements in general



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ISO 14253-4:2010 outlines the main assumptions behind the theoretically ideal decision rules established in ISO 14253-1. It discusses why these rules have to be the default rules and what considerations should be taken into account before applying different decision rules.
ISO 14253-4:2010 applies to all specifications defined in general GPS standards (see ISO/TR 14638), i.e. standards prepared by ISO/TC 213, including workpiece specifications (usually given as specification limits), and measuring equipment specifications (usually given as maximum permissible errors).

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CEN ISO/TS 14253-4:2010
60.60 Standard published
May 15, 2010