EN 14825:2012

Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps, with electrically driven compressors, for space heating and cooling - Testing and rating at part load conditions and calculation of seasonal performance EN 14825:2012

Publication date:   May 17, 2012

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Sep 4, 2013


CEN/TC 113 Heat pumps and air conditioning units

European Norm

27.080   Heat pumps | 91.140.30   Ventilation and air-conditioning systems



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This European Standard covers air conditioners, heat pumps and liquid chilling packages. It applies to factory made units defined in EN 14511 1, except single duct, control cabinet and close control units.
This European Standard gives the calculation methods for the determination of reference seasonal energy efficiency SEER and SEERon and reference seasonal coefficient of performance SCOP, SCOPon and SCOPnet.
Such calculation methods may be based on calculated or measured values.
In case of measured values, this European Standard covers the test methods for determination of capacities, EER and COP values during active mode at part load conditions. It also covers test methods for electric power consumption during thermostat off mode, standby mode and crankcase heater mode.
This European Standard serves as an input for the calculation of the system energy efficiency in heating mode of specific heat pump systems in buildings, as stipulated in the standard EN 15316-4-2.

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CEN/TS 14825:2003


EN 14825:2012
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Sep 4, 2013


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