CEN/TS 14972:2008

Fixed firefighting systems - Watermist systems - Design and installation CEN/TS 14972:2008

Publication date:   May 29, 2009

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   May 25, 2011


CEN/TC 191 Fixed firefighting systems

Technical Specification

13.220.20   Fire protection



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This document specifies requirements and gives information on design, installation and testing and gives criteria for the acceptance of fixed landbased watermist systems for specific hazards and provides fire test protocols for a variety of hazard groups.
The requirements are not valid for watermist systems on ships, in aircraft, on vehicles and mobile fire appliances or for below ground systems in the mining industry.
The requirements can be used as a guidance for other fixed firefighting systems, however, provided that any specific requirements for other firefighting supplies are taken into account.
Aspects of watermist associated with explosion protection are beyond the scope of this document.
As the fire test scenarios of this document apply to a group of similar applications, by analogy the successful performance of watermist systems also applies to that group, as defined in Annex A. Extrapolation is not covered.
The document is not intended to be used as a universal design manual of watermist, as different systems have different characteristics and hence follow different design criteria to satisfy their duty requirements.
In the absence of a generalized design method, it is the intent of this document that watermist systems are full-scale fire tested and its system component evaluations are conducted by qualified testing laboratories.
The full system acceptance requires the relevant fire test report, the component test report(s) as well as manufacturer’s design, installation, operation and maintenance manual for the application.
If the gas in the system is a significant factor for extinguishment/suppression, the relevant parts of EN 12094 and EN 15004-1 are applicable.
Firefighting systems in accordance with EN 12845 and water spray systems are not covered.

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CEN/TS 14972:2008
99.60 Withdrawal effective
May 25, 2011


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