EN 3733-101:2008

Aerospace series - Connector, optical, circular, single channel, coupled by self-locking ring, operating temperature up to 150 °C continuous - Part 101: Protective cover receptacle - Product standard EN 3733-101:2008

Publication date:   Dec 30, 2009

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 30, 2017


ASD-STAN Aerospace

European Norm

49.060   Aerospace electric equipment and systems



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This standard specifies the characteristics of protective covers for single channel fibre optic receptacle connectors four and two hole fixing, operating temperature up to 150 °C.
Connector interface dimensions, table of tests and qualification approval requirements, are contained in the Technical Specification EN 3733-001. EN 3733-002, List of product standards, includes the listings of product types, codification and applicable combinations of product types.

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EN 3733-101:2008
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 30, 2017