CEN/TS 15862:2012

Characterisation of waste - Compliance leaching test - One stage batch leaching test for monoliths at fixed liquid to surface area ratio (L/A) for test portions with fixed minimum dimensions

Publication date:   Nov 20, 2012

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90.93 Standard confirmed   May 7, 2015


CEN/TC 444 Environmental characterization of solid matrices

Technical Specification

13.030.10   Solid wastes



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This document specifies a compliance test for routine testing providing information on the leaching of monolithic waste which can be obtained under the experimental conditions specified hereafter with a single batch leaching test at a specified liquid to surface area ratio (L/A) of 12 (cm3cm-2). It applies to test portion of monolithic waste of regular shape, with a minimum dimension of 40 mm in all directions, obtained e.g. by cutting, coring or moulding.
This document is not applicable if the surface area of the test portion cannot be determined by simple geometrical means.
This document has been developed to determine the release of mainly inorganic constituents from wastes. It does not take into account the particular characteristics of organic constituents nor the consequences of microbiological processes in organic degradable wastes.
The test procedure specified in this document produces an eluate which subsequently need to be characterised physically and chemically, according to appropriate standard methods.
NOTE 1 If, in order to comply with the requirement of regular shape, the test portion is prepared by cutting or coring, then new surfaces are exposed which can lead to change(s) in leaching properties.
NOTE 2 This procedure may not be applicable to materials reacting with the leachant, leading for example to excessive gas emission or an excessive heat release.
This leaching test does not provide information by itself on dynamic leaching behaviour, as specified in EN 12920. It does not give information on equilibrium conditions. For specific situations or basic characterization, other tests are available in the toolbox of CEN/TC 292 "Characterization of waste".
This document does not address issues related to health and safety.

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CEN/TS 15862:2012
90.93 Standard confirmed
May 7, 2015