EN 676:2003/prA2

Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels EN 676:2003/prA2

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CEN/TC 131 Gas burners using fans

European Norm

27.060.20   Gas fuel burners


according to clause 1 and addition:
For piping this amendment applies only for pressurised parts and accessories with a product of the maximum allowable pressure PS and the diameter DN between 100 and 350 mm of less than 3 500 bar mm (category II) or with a product of PS and DN between 25 and 100 mm of less than 1 000 bar mm (category I), as defined by EU directive 97/23/EC.
Additional electrical functional requirements are given for monitoring devices.
The risk philosophy adopted in this standard is based on the analysis of hazards on account of pressure. The standard applies to the principals to eliminate or reduce hazards and where they can not be eliminated appropriate protection measures shall apply.
Any residual hazards are identified and communicated to the user where appropriate.
Depending on the installation situation additional requirements may apply to cover the risks arising from traffic, wind, earthquake loading and external fire.

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EN 676:2003


EN 676:2003/prA2
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Mar 31, 2008