EN 12048:1996

Solid fertilizers and liming materials - Determination of moisture content - Gravimetric method by drying at (105 +/- 2)°C (ISO 8190:1992 modified) EN 12048:1996

Publication date:   Jan 1, 1999

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 8, 2022


CEN/TC 260 Fertilizers and liming materials

European Norm

65.080   Fertilizers



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This International Standard specifies a gravimetric method, by drying at (102 +/- 2) °C, for the determination of the moisture content of fertilizers and limong materials. The method is applicable to siliceous and carbonic liming materials and the following phosphatic fertilizers: - superphosphates; - natural phosphates; - ground rock phosphates; - partially solubilized rock phosphates. The method is not applicable to hydrated and burnt lime and to ammonium compounds or magnesium sulfates.

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EN 12048:1996
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 8, 2022