prEN ISO 16484-1

Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) - Part 1: Overview and Vocabulary prEN ISO 16484-1

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30.98 Project deleted   Oct 13, 2001


CEN/TC 247 Building Automation, Controls and Building Management

European Norm


This European Standard Part 1 describes the objectives of all parts of this Standard. It provides a system overview with a generic system structure, system- and communication description and the Terms in English, French and German. The standard covers the following: system structure, hardware requirements, functional requirements, equipment characteristics, intersystem communications for building controls and operations: interface to field device; Application Specific Controllers/ Room Controllers (ASC/RC) with fixed functions; Automaton station (AS) (Controllers (C)) with programmable functions; Server Stations (SS); etc.

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prEN ISO 16484-1
30.98 Project deleted
Oct 13, 2001