EN 13787:2001

Elastomers for gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for inlet pressures up to 100 bar EN 13787:2001

Publication date:   Oct 23, 2003

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jan 21, 2015


CEN/TC 235 Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution

European Norm

23.060.40   Pressure regulators | 83.060   Rubber | 83.140.50   Seals



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This European Standard specifies the minimum requirements for elastomeric materials intended to be used as static seals, dynamic seals or diaphragms in the gas pressure regulators covered by EN 334 and in the safety devices for gas pressure regulating stations and installations covered by the corresponding European Standards, as well as the relevant test methods to assess these requirements.
This European Standard applies to elastomeric materials for use with gases of the first and second gas families to EN 437, for inlet pressures less than or equal to 100 bar, and in an operating temperature range between -10 °C, (or -20 °C when applicable), and +60 °C.
This European Standard also gives some additional characteristics and recommendations for their application likely to be requested for elastomers in the order specifications, and the corresponding test methods (see informative Annex A).
This European Standard only applies for type testing.

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EN 13787:2001
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jan 21, 2015


EN 334:2005+A1:2009

EN 14382:2005+A1:2009