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Slurry surfacing - Factory production control prEN 14440

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CEN/TC 227 Road materials

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This Draft European Standard specifies Factory Production Control requirements for use by the manufacturers of slurry surfacing.
The Factory Production Control has the quality aim to give adequate assurance that the slurry surfacing conforms to the relevant technical specifications.
The Factory Production Control is required to be applied to all harmonised elements of European Harmonised Standards and European Technical Approvals for slurry surfacings if the CE mark of conformity is to be affixed. The system may also be applied to non-harmonised elements and to situations where CE marking is not mandatory.
This Draft European Standard is applicable to the control of slurry surfacing where the constituents and composition are known, having been derived from the TAIT (Type Approval Installation Trials) procedure for demonstration of performance related properties described in prEN 00227xxx
The system in this Draft European Standard builds mainly upon traditional sampling and testing of constituent materials, calibration of equipment and the in situ assessment of the finished product. Processes as well as process control systems are continuously being developed which means that new systems for Factory Production Control will be introduced and implemented. If a manufacturer is able to demonstrate that his process control system is able to secure the fulfilment of the requirements on the finished products in a satisfactory way then alternative frequencies of inspection and testing may be acceptable.
The basis of this standard is the control of constituents, formulation and laying. It does not involve the routine monitoring of the performance properties of the slurry surfacing. This is dealt with separately in prEN00227xxx.

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prEN 14440
40.97 End of interruption of work - split/merged
Oct 12, 2002