ENV 1292:1995

Identification card systems - Integrated circuit(s) cards and interface devices - Additional test methods ENV 1292:1995

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Feb 11, 2002


CEN/TC 224 Personal identification and related personal devices with secure element, systems, operations and privacy in a multi sectorial environment

Pre Standard

35.240.15   Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics


This European prestandard contains the electrical and protocol transmission test methods for cards accepting device (CAD) and IC cards (ICC). It also describes the physical test methods for the card accepting devices. The description of each method has been written as in ISO/IEC 10373. Test methods described in this European prestandard are intended to be performed separately.

Life cycle


ENV 1292:1995
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Feb 11, 2002