The New Commission Communication on the European Growth Model envisages standards setting as one of the tools in support of the Single Market Emergency Instrument

On 2 February 2022, the European Commission has published a Communication on the European Growth Model that recalls the common objectives the EU and its Member States have committed to with respect to the green and digital transition and to strengthening social and economic resilience (see COM(2022) 83 final - Commission Communication - Towards a green, digital and resilient economy: our European Growth Model).

The recent experience with COVID and the economic measures to reply to the aggression to Ukraine, the review of the  EU Industrial Policy and the new European Standardisation Strategy, highlighted the need to boost the green and digital twin transitions and ensure a resilient Single Market. One of the necessary prerequisites is that Europe must increase its capacity to guarantee the security of supply in an emergency.

The European Commission is working on a  Single Market Emergency Instrument proposal. The instrument foresees a mechanism for crisis preparedness and action through which the Union can address critical product shortages by speeding up product availability. Standardisation Standards Setting and fast-track conformity assessment, as well as reinforcing  Public Procurement cooperation are clearly identified measures in support of this Single Market Emergency Instrument.

The European Standards and International Standards on business continuity and resilience, as well as those covering risk assessment or security of supply should be also considered as reference documents, or at least as clear references, to support such future Single Market  Emergency Instrument.