prEN 16602-20-30

Space engineering - Manufacturing and control of electrical harness prEN 16602-20-30

General information

10.99 New project approved   Sep 9, 2020



European Norm


This activity will be the parallel development of EN 16603-20-30 (equivalent to ECSS-E-ST-20-30C) and its supporting handbook TR 16703-20-30 “Guidelines for the design, requirements and control of harness” (equivalent to ECSS-E-HB-20-30A).
The ECSS standard shall cover (ECSS-E-ST-33-01C used as a content template):
• Applicable/Reference standards, specifications and handbooks
• Definition of harness and related terms (e.g. HMU, bundle, cable, wire, shield) in the frame of this spec.
• Requirements
- General requirements
 Mission specific requirements
 Marking & labelling
 Parts and components
 Redundancy
 Technical Budget
- Electrical design requirements
 EMC (e.g. EMC classification, magnetic cleanliness, shielding, bonding, grounding, inductance)
 Derating & Voltage Drop
 Double Insulation
 Splicing
- Mechanical design requirements
 Routing (e.g. segregation, bundling, bending, layering, redundancy)
 Mechanical Stability (e.g. fixation, stiffness)
 Integration (e.g. accessibility, tooling, layering, [de-]integratability)
- Environmental requirements
- Material selection constraints/ requirements
- Verification & Control requirements
 Electrical testing & verification
 Mechanical testing (if required)
 Environmental testing (if required)
- Cleanliness requirements
- Handling requirements
- Manufacturing requirements
- Deliverables / Documentation requirements
 Definition of required engineering documentation to be provided with the harness hardware with reference to DRDs (incl. Harness Design and Technical Description)
• DRDs
The handbook shall provide best practice techniques, examples and process details w ith associated acceptance criteria (limits, dos and don’ts) – ideally w ith a reference to the respective requirement. The handbook shall be understood as a guideline/proposal to fulfil the requirements defined in the respective ECSS specification in acc. w ith the CNES standard:
• Selection of components, tools and accessories
• Harness fixation
• Harness protection (e.g. use of heat shrinking sleeves, tapes, hoses)
• Shielding and its application on connector/backshell level
• Harness design, routing and distribution of w ires
• Splicing
• Labelling and marking

Life cycle


prEN 16602-20-30
10.99 New project approved
Sep 9, 2020