prCEN ISO/TR 7016

Connection between the contributions of CEW to sustainability and achievement of the SDGs prCEN ISO/TR 7016

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20.60 Close of comment period   May 13, 2024


CEN/TC 350 Sustainability of construction works

Technical Report


This document shows the relationship between those indicators in EN 17472 and ISO 21931-2, used to assess the environmental, social and economic performance of Civil Engineering Works and the Sustainable Development Goals, as a tool to express and communicate the results of the assessment carried out whit the methodology established in those standards.

It does not provide any criteria or rule to perform any kind of assessment, but just the link between the indicators actually used during the assessment and the SDGs.

This document will provide as well information about how the SDGs are influenced by the performance of several civil engineering works, based in the result of the assessment done according to EN 17472 and/or ISO 21931-2 and demonstrate their contributions to achieve the SDGs targets and, consequently, to achieve a sustainable development.

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prCEN ISO/TR 7016
20.60 Close of comment period
May 13, 2024