ISO 8528-1:2018

Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets — Part 1: Application, ratings and performance ISO 8528-1:2018

Publication date:   Feb 2, 2018

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Dec 4, 2023


ISO/TC 70 Internal combustion engines

International Standard

29.160.40   Generating sets | 27.020   Internal combustion engines



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ISO 8528-1:2018 defines various classifications for the application, rating and performance of generating sets consisting of a Reciprocating Internal Combustion (RIC) engine, Alternating Current (a.c.) generator and any associated controlgear, switchgear and auxiliary equipment.
ISO 8528-1:2018 applies to a.c. generating sets driven by RIC engines for land and marine use, excluding generating sets used on aircraft or to propel land vehicles and locomotives.
For some specific applications (e.g. essential hospital supplies, high-rise buildings), supplementary requirements can be necessary. The provisions of this document can be the basis for establishing any supplementary requirements.
For other reciprocating-type prime movers (e.g. sewage-gas engines, steam engines), the provisions of this document can be used as a basis for establishing these requirements.
Generating sets meeting the requirements of this document are used to generate electrical power for continuous, peak-load and standby applications. The classifications laid down in this document are intended to help understanding between manufacturer and customer.

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ISO 8528-1:2005


ISO 8528-1:2018
90.93 Standard confirmed
Dec 4, 2023