EN IEC 63182-4:2022

Magnetic powder cores - Guidelines on dimensions and the limits of surface irregularities - Part 4: Block-cores EN IEC 63182-4:2022

Publication date:   Jun 14, 2022

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jul 10, 2024


CLC/SR 51 Magnetic components and ferrite materials

European Norm

29.100.10   Magnetic components



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This part of IEC 63182 specifies the preferred range of the dimensions that are important for mechanical interchangeability and the guidelines on allowable limits of surface irregularities for block-cores made of metallic magnetic powder.
This document is a specification about surface irregularities which is useful in the negotiations between suppliers and users of magnetic powder core.
The use of "derived" standards which give more detailed specifications of component parts while still permitting compliance with this standard is discussed in Annex A.

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EN IEC 63182-4:2022
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jul 10, 2024