EN 61076-2-001:2011

Connectors for electronic equipment - Product requirements - Part 2-001: Circular connectors - Blank detail specification EN 61076-2-001:2011

Publication date:   Sep 21, 2011

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60.60 Standard published   Aug 19, 2011


CLC/SR 48B Electrical connectors

European Norm

31.220.10   Plug-and-socket devices. Connectors



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IEC 61076-2-001:2011 This blank detail product specification is a supplementary document to the sectional product specification IEC 61076-2 and contains requirements for style, layout and content of detail product specifications for circular connectors. It should be used in conjunction with the following publications: IEC 61076-1 and IEC 61076-2 for product requirements as well as IEC 62197-1 for quality requirements. The sample pages can be used like a template when preparing a detail product specification within the scope of this document. This document is not intended to replace the templates and guidance notes of IEC, but to assist in their application. All users are reminded to adhere to relevant directives and guidelines of the IEC when preparing a standard. This second editon cancels and replaces the first edition of IEC 61076-2-001 (2001). This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - This International Standard no longer includes the quality assessment procedures. As described in IEC 61076-1 and IEC 62197-1, a new document structure has been established. IEC 61076-2-001 has been revised to reflect this updated structure. - Subclause 3.2, Systems of levels has been introduced. - The subclause IEC type designation has been removed. - Clauses 4 Dimensional information and 5 Characteristics have been added. - Some clauses and test groups have been rearranged. Test group HP has been added.

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EN 61076-2-001:2001


EN 61076-2-001:2011
60.60 Standard published
Aug 19, 2011