EN 60384-2:2012

Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment - Part 2: Sectional specification - Fixed metallized polyethylene terephthalate film dielectric d.c. capacitors EN 60384-2:2012

Publication date:   May 17, 2012

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   May 17, 2024


CLC/TC 40XA Capacitors and EMI suppression components

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31.060.30   Paper and plastics capacitors



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IEC 60384-2:2011 applies to fixed capacitors for direct current, with metallized electrodes and polyethylene-terephthalate dielectric for use in electronic equipment. These capacitors may have 'self-healing properties' depending on conditions of use. They are primarily intended for applications where the a.c. component is small with respect to the rated voltage. Two performance grades of capacitors are covered, Grade 1 for long-life application and Grade 2 for general application. Capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and surface mount fixed metallized polyethylene-terephthalate film dielectric d.c. capacitors are not included, but are covered by IEC 60384-14 and IEC 60384-19 respectively. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published in 2005 and contains the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition.<br /> - Table 1, Sampling plan together with numbers of permissible non-conformance for qualification approval test, has been adjusted.<br /> - Table 3, Lot-by-lot inspection, has been changed, highlighting assessment level EZ only.<br /> - Table 4, Periodic inspection, has been changed, highlighting assessment level EZ only.<br /> - The preferred values of rated voltages have been updated in conformance with the basic series of preferred values R5 and R10 given in ISO 3.

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EN 60384-2:2012
99.60 Withdrawal effective
May 17, 2024


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