ISO/CD 6721-10

Plastics — Determination of dynamic mechanical properties — Part 10: Complex shear viscosity using a parallel-plate and a cone-and-plate oscillatory rheometer

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30.20 CD study/ballot initiated   Jan 25, 2023


ISO/TC 61/SC 5 Physical-chemical properties

International Standard

83.080.01   Plastics in general


This document specifies the general principles of a method for determining the dynamic rheological properties of polymer melts at angular frequencies typically in the range of 0,01 rad·s-1 to 100 rad·s-1 by means of an oscillatory rheometer with a parallel-plate or a cone-and-plate geometry. Angular frequencies outside this range can also be used (see Note 1). The method is used to determine values of the following dynamic rheological properties: complex shear viscosity η*, dynamic shear viscosity η', the out-of-phase component of the complex shear viscosity η”, complex shear modulus G*, shear loss modulus G”, and shear storage modulus G'. It is suitable for measuring complex shear viscosity values typically up to ~10 MPa·s (see Note 2).

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ISO 6721-10:2015


ISO/CD 6721-10
30.20 CD study/ballot initiated
Jan 25, 2023