ISO/PWI TS 22002-6

Prerequisite programmes on food safety — Part 6: Feed and animal food production

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ISO/TC 34/SC 17 Management systems for food safety

Technical Specification


ISO/TS 22002-6 specifies requirements for establishing, implementing and maintaining prerequisite programmes (PRPs) to assist in controlling feed safety hazards in feed and animal food and in materials intended for use in the production of feed and animal food. Feed safety hazards in this context relate to attributes that have a potential to affect adversely animal and/or human health.
Prerequisite programmes are intended to ensure feed safety and to prevent, control and detect potential contamination including cross-contamination that could occur under the responsibility of the organization.
ISO/TS 22002-6 is applicable to all organizations regardless of size, location or complexity that are involved in the manufacturing and/or supply of feed and animal food and wish to implement a PRP. Feed and animal food operations are diverse in nature and not all of the requirements specified in this Technical Specification necessarily apply to an individual organization or process. Where exclusions are made or alternative measures are implemented, these need to be justified by a hazard assessment and verified to be effective. Any exclusions or alternative measures adopted should not affect the ability of an organization to comply with other requirements contained in this Technical Specification.

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ISO/TS 22002-6:2016


ISO/PWI TS 22002-6
00.00 Proposal for new project received
Aug 3, 2021