ISO/CD TS 6268-1

Health informatics — Cybersecurity framework for telehealth environments — Part 1: Overview and Concepts

General information

30.00 Committee draft (CD) registered   Jan 19, 2023


ISO/TC 215 Health informatics

Technical Specification


This document is an introductory part of the full family of Cybersecurity Framework for Telehealth Environment, which provides the concepts and overview including telehealth actors, variables and environments related to cybersecurity of telehealth service models. This document contains a general description of the following;

- concepts and introduction of telehealth cybersecurity framework;
- components for telehealth cybersecurity framework;
- infrastructure for telehealth cybersecurity;
- Introduction and explanation of Part 2, 3 and 4

“Cybersecurity Framework for Telehealth Environment” to which this document belongs, consists of the following parts:
- Part 1: Overview and concepts
- Part 2: Principles and vocabulary
- Part 3: Cybersecurity reference model of telehealth
- Part 4: Cybersecurity requirements for telehealth
- Part N: to be determined or to be decided

Life cycle


ISO/CD TS 6268-1
30.00 Committee draft (CD) registered
Jan 19, 2023