ISO 11992-1:2019

Road vehicles — Interchange of digital information on electrical connections between towing and towed vehicles — Part 1: Physical and data-link layers

Publication date:   May 2, 2019

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60.60 Standard published   May 2, 2019


ISO/TC 22/SC 31 Data communication

International Standard

43.040.15   Car informatics. On board computer systems



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This document describes the data link layer (DLL) and physical layer (PHY) for the two CAN-based network interfaces specified in the 11992-series.
The DLL sub-clauses are composed of:
— DLL protocol entity requirements;
— DLL device interface requirements; and
— DLL network system requirements.
Normally, the physical signalling sub-layer is implemented in the CAN protocol controller. The physical medium attachment sub-layer is normally implemented in the CAN transceiver or the System Base Chip (SBC). Optionally, it can comprise also additional protection circuitry. The media-dependent sub-layer comprises the connectors and the cabling.
The physical signalling (PS) sub-clauses are composed of:
— PS entity requirements;
— PS device interface requirements; and
— PS network system requirements.
The physical medium attachment (PMA) sub-clauses are composed of:
— PMA protocol entity requirements; and
— PMA device interface requirements.
The physical medium dependent (PMD) sub-clauses are composed of:
— PMD entity requirements;
— PMD device interface requirements; and
— PMD network system requirements.

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ISO 11992-1:2019
60.60 Standard published
May 2, 2019