ISO 18070:2015

Corrosion of metals and alloys — Crevice corrosion formers with disc springs for flat specimens or tubes made from stainless steel

Publication date:   Nov 5, 2015

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Mar 9, 2021


ISO/TC 156 Corrosion of metals and alloys

International Standard

77.060   Corrosion of metals



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ISO 18070:2015 specifies a crevice forming technique and crevice former which are intended to be used for crevice corrosion testing of flat specimens or tubes of stainless steels, in corrosive solutions. This International Standard specifies no information concerning how the crevice corrosion testing shall be performed and how the attack shall be evaluated. The crevice former specified in this International Standard can be used for electrochemical measurements, if the specimens are designed for electrical connections.

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ISO 18070:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
Mar 9, 2021