ISO/TS 10303-439:2011

Industrial automation systems and integration — Product data representation and exchange — Part 439: Application module: AP239 product life cycle support

Publication date:   Oct 15, 2011

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Dec 5, 2019


ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data

Technical Specification

25.040.40   Industrial process measurement and control



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ISO/TS 10303-439:2011-10 specifies the application module for
AP239 product life cycle support.

The following are within the scope of
ISO/TS 10303-439:2011-10:

information for defining a complex product and its support solution;

information required to maintain a complex product;

information required for through life configuration change management
of a product and its support solution;

the representation of product structures, assemblies and breakdowns including:

the identification and representation of parts, their versions,
definitions, and documentation and management
information, such as dates and approvals assigned to parts;

the representation of multiple product structure views;

the representation of functional, physical, system and zonal breakdown of
the product structure, from system via subsystems or components to end items;

the representation of the shape of an assembly as the composition of the
shape representation of its components;

the identification of positions within an assembly of parts to which
component parts may be attached;

the association of valued properties to a part or to an assembly;

the representation of interfaces between products;

the classification of parts, documents and assemblies.

the representation of a product through life including:

the representation of product requirements and their fulfilment;

the representation of existing or potential future products;

the identification of the configuration of a product for a given role;

the specification of effectivity constraints applied to configuration of a product;

the representation of predicted and observed states of products.

the specification and planning of activities for a product including:

the specification of tasks to be performed on a product;

the representation of conditions for performing the tasks, including the resources
required and the location of the resources and product;

the representation of the type of person and skills required for
performing a task;

the representation of planning and scheduling of the tasks and the
management and authorization of the subsequent work.

the representation of the activity history of a product including:

the recording of the usage of a product and the
resource usage;

the recording of the activities performed on a product and the
resource usage.

the representation of the product history including:

a historical record of the states of a product;

a historical record of the configuration status of the product;

the location of product data;

the observation of product data.

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ISO/TS 10303-439:2010


ISO/TS 10303-439:2011
90.93 Standard confirmed
Dec 5, 2019