ISO 17287:2003

Road vehicles — Ergonomic aspects of transport information and control systems — Procedure for assessing suitability for use while driving

Publication date:   Apr 8, 2003

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90.60 Close of review   Sep 3, 2022


ISO/TC 22/SC 39 Ergonomics

International Standard

43.040.15   Car informatics. On board computer systems | 13.180   Ergonomics



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ISO 17287:2003 specifies a procedure for assessing whether specific TICS, or a combination of TICS with other in-vehicle systems, are suitable for use by drivers while driving. It addresses user-oriented TICS description and context of use, TICS task description and analysis, assessment process, and documentation.
The TICS description and context of use includes consideration of improper use, reasonably foreseeable misuse and TICS failure. The TICS description, analysis and assessment include a process for identifying and addressing suitability issues.
ISO 17287:2003 does not recommend specific variables for assessing suitability nor does it define criteria for establishing the suitability of use of a TICS Table while driving.

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ISO 17287:2003
90.60 Close of review
Sep 3, 2022