ISO/IEC 29341-4-11:2011 ED2

Information technology - UPnP device architecture - Part 4-11: Audio Video Device Control Protocol - Level 2 - Connection Manager Service

Publication date:   Sep 14, 2011

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60.60 Standard published   Sep 14, 2011


ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology

International Standard

35.200   Interface and interconnection equipment



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ISO/IEC 29341-4-11:2011(E) describes the service-type which enables modeling of streaming capabilities of A/V devices, and binding of those capabilities between devices. Each device that is able to send or receive a stream according to the UPnP AV Architecture will have 1 instance of the ConnectionManager service. This service provides a mechanism for control points to:
a) Perform capability matching between source/server devices and sink/renderer devices,
b) Find information about currently ongoing transfers in the network,
c) Setup and teardown connections between devices (when required by the streaming protocol).
This service definition is compliant with the UPnP Device Architecture version 1.0. This International Standard replaces ISO/IEC 29341-4-11, first edition, published in 2008, and constitutes a technical revision.

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ISO/IEC 29341-4-11:2008 ED1


ISO/IEC 29341-4-11:2011 ED2
60.60 Standard published
Sep 14, 2011