IEC 62027:2011 ED2

Preparation of object lists, including parts lists

Publication date:   Oct 12, 2011

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60.60 Standard published   Oct 12, 2011


TC 3

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29.020   Electrical engineering in general



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IEC 62027:2011 provides rules and guidelines for the presentation of information in object lists, and specific rules for such documents. It is applicable to object lists such as parts lists, function lists and location lists used in the design and engineering process intended to be supplied with the documentation. This edition includes the following substantial changes with respect to the previous edition:
- the terminology used in the publication has been adapted to the one used in IEC 81346-1:2009, IEC 62507-1:2010 and IEC PAS 62569-1:2009;
- the term "object list" has been introduced as the generic term, and "parts list" used as a specific term for object lists associated with the product structure;
- Annex A of the previous edition has been taken away and partly replaced by 6.2 and a reference to IEC 61355 DB;
- a new Annex A providing guidance on the presentation of subsets of characteristic properties has been introduced;
- a new Annex B providing source definitions and references to used data element types has been introduced;
- the examples in the annexes C, D and E (corresponding to B, C and D in the previous edition) have been provided with comments.
IEC 62027:2011 has the status of a horizontal standard in accordance with IEC Guide 108.

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IEC 62027:2011 ED2
60.60 Standard published
Oct 12, 2011