IEC 60404-1-1:2004 ED1

Magnetic materials - Part 1-1: Classification - Surface insulations of electrical steel sheet, strip and laminations

Publication date:   Apr 20, 2004

General information

60.60 Standard published   Apr 20, 2004


TC 68 Magnetic alloys and steels

International Standard

29.030   Magnetic materials



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Establishes a classification of surface insulations for electrical steel sheet, strip and laminations according to their general composition, relative insulating ability and function. These surface insulations are either oxide layers or applied coatings. The purpose of this classification is to create a nomenclature for the various types of surface insulations and to assist users of surface insulations by providing general information about the chemical nature and use of the surface insulations. It is not the intent of this classification to specify insulation requirements in terms of specific values of surface insulation resistance. Such requirements are agreed between the purchaser and the steel producer, where applicable. The classification is used in conjunction with the various specifications for cold rolled electrical steels (see the standards in the IEC 60404-8 series in Clause 2).

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IEC 60404-1-1:2004 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Apr 20, 2004