IEC 61014:2003 ED2

Programmes for reliability growth

Publication date:   Jul 21, 2003

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60.60 Standard published   Jul 21, 2003


TC 56 Dependability

International Standard

03.100.40   Research and development | 03.120.01   Quality in general | 21.020   Characteristics and design of machines, apparatus, equipment



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Specifies requirements and gives guidelines for the exposure and removal of weaknesses in hardware and software items for the purpose of reliability growth. Applies when the product specification calls for a reliability growth programme of equipment (electronic, electromechanical and mechanical hardware as well as software) or when it is known that the design is unlikely to meet the requirements without improvement. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are listed below. A subclause on planning reliability growth in the design phase has been added. A subclause on management aspects covering both reliability growth in design and the test phase has been added. A clause on reliability growth in the field has been added.

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IEC 61014:1989 ED1


IEC 61014:2003 ED2
60.60 Standard published
Jul 21, 2003