EN 60229:2008

Electric cables - Tests on extruded oversheaths with a special protective function

Publication date:   Jul 25, 2008

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60.60 Standard published   Jun 4, 2008


CLC/TC 20 Electric cables

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29.060.20   Cables



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Provides a range of tests which may be required for electric cables which have an extruded oversheath and where that oversheath performs a special protective function. The standard covers cables for use in insulated systems and in uninsulated systems. The tests are categorized for use as routine tests, type tests and tests after installation. These tests comprise of electrical routine tests on cable oversheath used in insulated or uninsulated systems, abrasion and corrosion spread type tests, electrical test on cable oversheath after installation. Routine tests and tests after installation, as specified in the relevant cable standards, are applicable for all situations. Type tests depend upon the nature of the system and the construction of the cable and do not have to be carried out for normal conditions of use. The significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition are as follows: - The text has been modified in order to consider the function of the oversheath, irrespective of the way the metallic sheath or screen of the cable is earthed because, in some cases, the oversheath is designed to act not only as a protection against corrosion, but also to reduce the risk of degradation of the cable insulation system. This requirement may be independent of the nature of the insulation and independent of the rated voltage of the cable. - More precise wording has been introduced regarding the application of some tests (if the sheaths or foils are bonded to the oversheath or not). - The test requirements have been revised in order to be in line with the standards published after the second edition. - The pressure test at high temperature has been deleted as the requirement is specified in the relevant cable standards. - A 'Guidance on tests after installation' (Annex B) has been included.

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EN 60229:2008
60.60 Standard published
Jun 4, 2008


Adopted from IEC 60229:2007 IDENTICAL