prEN 16440-2

Testing methodologies for refrigerating devices for insulated means of transport - Part 2: Eutectic cooling devices

General information

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CEN/TC 413 Insulated means of transport for temperature sensitive goods with or without cooling and/or heating device

European Norm

27.200   Refrigerating technology


This European standard applies to eutectic cooling devices which are intended to be used with insulated transport equipment.
The following applications are covered:
• Eutectic cooling devices with or without compressor /condenser unit intended to be installed into
insulated means of transport (e.g. lorries, trailers, swap bodies, other transport containers and
wagons). Charging of the eutectic elements from the liquid to the solid phase may be performed
either by a compressor/condenser unit mounted onto the vehicle or cooled by a stationary direct or indirect system. The eutectic cooling devices are equipped, if relevant, with necessary components for the charging, transmission, cooling and/or with temperature control devices. The eutectic elements can be fitted with or without fans.
• Eutectic cooling devices with independent eutectic elements which have to be charged using external

This standard specifies the testing methodologies.
This standard is only applicable for mono-temperature eutectic cooling devices. This standard does not provide any safety requirements.

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prEN 16440-2
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Aug 20, 2020