EN 344-2:1996

Safety, protective and occupational footwear for professional use - Part 2: Additional requirements and test methods

Publication date:   Apr 16, 2000

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Apr 26, 2004


CEN/TC 161 Foot and leg protectors

European Norm

13.340.10   Protective clothing



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This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods relating to properties of footwear for professional use additional to those specified in EN 344:1992 (1) and to be used with it in conjunction with EN 345-2, EN 346-2 or EN 347-2, as appropriate. Further work is still being undertaken with respect to slip resistance properties, protection against chemical hazards and the development of a mechanical method for the determination of water resistance. A separate European Standard for insulating footwear is also being prepared. (1) Subsequent to the issue of EN 344-2, EN 345-2, EN 346-2 and EN 347-2, EN 344:1992, EN 345:1992, EN 346:1992 and EN 347:1992 will be renumbered into Parts 1.

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EN 344-2:1996
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Apr 26, 2004