EN 13053:2001

Ventilation for buildings - Air handling units - Ratings and performance for units, components and sections

Publication date:   Sep 1, 2002

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Aug 9, 2006


CEN/TC 156 Ventilation for buildings

European Norm

23.120   Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners | 91.140.30   Ventilation and air-conditioning systems



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This European Standard specifies requirements and testing for ratings and performance of air handling units as a whole.
It also specifies requirements, classification, and testing of specific components and sections of air handling units. For many components and sections it refers to component standards, but it also specifies restrictions or applications of standards developed for standalone components.
This standard is applicable both to standardized designs, which may be in a range of sizes having common construction concepts, and also to custom-design units. It also applies both to air handling units, which are completely prefabricated, and to units which are built up on site. Generally the units within the scope of this standard include at least a fan, a heat exchanger and an air filter.
This standard is not applicable to the following:
a) air conditioning units serving a limited area in a building, such as fan coil units;
b) units for residential buildings;
c) units producing ventilation air mainly for a manufacturing process.

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EN 13053:2001
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Aug 9, 2006


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