EN ISO 14935:2020

Petroleum and related products - Determination of wick flame persistence of fire-resistant fluids (ISO 14935:2020)

Publication date:   Aug 17, 2020

General information

60.60 Standard published   Apr 29, 2020


CEN/TC 19 Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin.

European Norm

75.080   Petroleum products in general



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This document specifies a method for the assessment of the persistence of a flame applied to the edge of a wick of non-flammable material immersed in fire-resistant fluid.
This test does not determine the behaviour of a spray of fire-resistant fluid.
NOTE Such test methods are specified in ISO 15029-1 and ISO 15029-2.
This document specifies one of four basic tests for determining flammability.
This document does not apply to certain liquids such as HFAE and HFAS liquids.

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EN ISO 14935:1998


EN ISO 14935:2020
60.60 Standard published
Apr 29, 2020