EN 13693:2004/prA1

Precast concrete products - Special roof elements

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CEN/TC 229 Precast concrete products

European Norm

91.100.30   Concrete and concrete products


This standard identifies the requirements, the basic performance criteria and the evaluation of conformity for special precast roof elements made of reinforced or prestressed normal weight concrete, used for the construction of buildings, with or without separating function with respect to fire resistance.
NOTE The title of special roof elements refers to thin-walled structural elements with deformable transverse profile, such as folded plates, or shell elements, the intended use being specific for roofings with their typical loads. This type of elements combines the overall flexural behaviour along the main span with a complex distribution of in-plane forces and local moments.
Other types of elements can be used in roofing, such as ribbed units, floor slabs, ... . For these elements reference shall be made to their respective product standards.
Secondary structural components, possibly used in combination with the main roof elements, such as load bearing shuttering plates and shells, roof light frames, ..., shall refer to their respective product standard or technical approval.
The standard covers terminology, performance criteria, tolerances, relevant physical properties, test methods, and aspects of transport and erection.
This standard does not deal with seismic behaviour.
This standard does not cover load bearing capacity determined by testing.

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EN 13693:2004


EN 13693:2004/prA1
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May 18, 2009