EN ISO 4267-2:1995

Petroleum and liquid petroleum products - Calculation of oil quantities - Part 2: Dynamic measurement (ISO 4267-2:1988)

Publication date:   Mar 19, 2004

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Mar 20, 2013


CEN/TC 19 Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin.

European Norm

75.180.30   Volumetric equipment and measurements



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Defines the various terms employed in the calculation of metered petroleum quantities. Also specifies the equations which allow the values of correction factors to be computed. Also gives rules for the sequence, rounding and significant figures to be employed in a calculation. Provides tables which may be used to look up specific correction factors should it not be desired to calculate them by manual as well as computer methods. The field of application is the volumetric measurement of liquid hydrocarbons, including liquefied petroleum gases, by meter and prover. It does not include two-phase fluids.

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EN ISO 4267-2:1995
90.93 Standard confirmed
Mar 20, 2013


Adopted from ISO 4267-2:1988 IDENTICAL