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EN ISO 12354-4:2017

Building acoustics - Estimation of acoustic performance of buildings from the performance of elements - Part 4: Transmission of indoor sound to the outside (ISO 12354-4:2017)

Publication date:   Sep 20, 2017

General information

60.60 Standard published   Aug 16, 2017


CEN/TC 126 Acoustic properties of building elements and of buildings

European Norm

91.120.20   Acoustics in building. Sound insulation




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ISO 12354-4:2017 specifies a calculation model to estimate the sound power level radiated by the envelope of a building due to airborne sound inside that building, primarily by means of measured sound pressure levels inside the building and measured data which characterize the sound transmission by the relevant elements and openings in the building envelope. These sound power levels, together with those of other sound sources in or in front of the building envelope, form the basis for the calculation of the sound pressure level at a chosen distance from a building as a measure for the acoustic performance of buildings.
The prediction of the inside sound pressure level from knowledge of the indoor sound sources is outside the scope of this document.
The prediction of the outdoor sound propagation is outside the scope of this document.
NOTE For simple propagation conditions an approach is given for the estimation of the sound pressure level in Annex E.
ISO 12354-4:2017 describes the principles of the calculation model, lists the relevant quantities and defines its applications and restrictions.

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EN 12354-4:2000


EN ISO 12354-4:2017
60.60 Standard published
Aug 16, 2017