CEN/TS 15867:2009

Advanced technical ceramics - Ceramic composites - Guide to the determination of the degree of misalignment in uniaxial mechanical tests

Publication date:   Aug 17, 2011

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Apr 20, 2016


CEN/TC 184 Advanced technical ceramics

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81.060.30   Advanced ceramics



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This document is a guide that describes a procedure:
to verify the degree of misalignment of the load train of the test machines using a reference test specimen uniformly loaded in tension or in compression;
to give indications in order to correct defects such as torsion and bending.
This document is not intended to provide a quantitative and acceptable limit, before the testing of ceramic matrix composites with a fibre reinforcement: unidirectional (1D), bidirectional (2D) and tridirectional (xD, with 2 < x  3) loaded along one principle axis of reinforcement. This limit depends on the sensitivity of each type of composite to the misalignment defect.
NOTE 1 This limit is to be defined between the testing establishment and the customer.
NOTE 2 Monolithic ceramics are very sensitive to misalignment defects, while CMCs (ceramic matrix composite) in general are moderately sensitive to them.

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CEN/TS 15867:2009
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Apr 20, 2016


EN ISO 17161:2016