CEN/TS 15945:2011

Packaging - Ease of opening - Criteria and test methods for evaluating consumer packaging

Publication date:   Jul 19, 2011

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Sep 19, 2018


CEN/TC 261 Packaging

Technical Specification

55.020   Packaging and distribution of goods in general



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This Technical Specification specifies the following for all adult consumers:
- criteria for ease of opening of packages;
- methods for evaluating the ease of opening of consumer packages.
The purpose of this Technical Specification is to specify test methods to evaluate the ease of opening of consumer packages, in order to improve easy access to the contents. For packages regulated for safety or similar reasons, e.g. packaging of dangerous goods and substances, medicinal products, and medical devices, those regulations take precedence.
This Technical Specification applies to all packaging that does not require an opening tool and to packaging that is purchased with an integrated opening tool.
NOTE 1 The method(s) described in this Technical Specification could also be applicable to other types of packages when measuring ease of opening.
NOTE 2 This Technical Specification can be used to test most consumer packages. There are, however certain packaging types that cannot easily be tested with the described methods, such as e.g. very large packaging used to protect refrigerators and washing machines.

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CEN/TS 15945:2011
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Sep 19, 2018


EN ISO 17480:2018