EN 13974:2002

Rigid plastics containers - Specification of tolerance for dimensions, weight and volume

Publication date:   Mar 30, 2004

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 29, 2020


CEN/TC 261 Packaging

European Norm

55.100   Bottles. Pots. Jars | 55.140   Barrels. Drums. Canisters



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This European Standard specifies tolerances for dimensions, mass and volume of plastic bottles and jars with a nominal capacity up to 5 l, of plastics canisters/jerricans with a nominal volume up to 20 l and for plastic pails up to 60 l.
NOTE Plastics bottles, jars, canisters and jerricans and pails are referred to as "containers" in this standard.

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EN 13974:2002
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 29, 2020