EN 12814-6:2000

Testing of welded joints of thermoplastics semi-finished products - Part 6: Low temperature tensile test

Publication date:   Dec 22, 2003

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90.20 Standard under periodical review   Oct 15, 2022


CEN/TC 249 Plastics

European Norm

25.160.40   Welded joints and welds



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This standard specifies the dimensions, the method of sampling and the preparation of the test specimens, also the conditions for performing the low temperature tensile test perpendicular to the weld in order to determine the low temperature tensile welding factor. A low temperature tensile test may be used in conjunction with other tests (e.g. bend, tensile creep, macro, ...) to assess the performance of welded assemblies, made from thermoplastics materials. The low temperature tensile welding factor and the appearance of the fracture surface provide a guide regarding the ductility of the joint and the quality of the work.

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EN 12814-6:2000
90.20 Standard under periodical review
Oct 15, 2022