Cosmetics safety

European and ISO standards contribute to safety and testing of Cosmetics and cosmetic products. The European market for cosmetics is estimated to be above 73 Billion Euro, with more than 1,7 Million employees in the EU.

The cosmetics sector is mainly composed by global brands, with most multinational companies selling a high proportion of their products across all key markets. However, among more than 4400 European Union cosmetics companies, the majority is SMEs.
European standards for cosmetics consider all topics, methods or proceedings related to cosmetics, such as:
• Methods that are mandated by the EU/EEA
• Methods for traces
• Methods to identify and quantify ingredients
• Methods for testing cosmetic emulsion stability
• Methods to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic products
• Microbiological standards and limits
• Methods for preservation of cosmetic products

Technical committee

Related standards or drafts